Star Wars Clone Wars to bring back Darth Maul?!

I guess a Sith Lord can comeback to life after being light sabered in half? The Dark Side maybe more powerful than we thought as the Cartoon Network is bringing back the ill fated Sith Lord for an episode or so of the Clone Wars which will explain how he survived. In a previous story arc on the Clone Wars we saw where Darth Maul came from and his people which at the time I was suspecting he would come back at some point. Apparently George Lucas is the one who wanted him brought back and well George can do that as he does what he wants with his most prized moneymaker. I am excited to see how and what circumstances surround Darth Maul’s return as I’m sure it will be one of those fear me episodes. As a fan of Star Wars and George Lucas I say let George do what he wants (he will anyway) its a creation that we were all blessed with and its his toy to play with. The only thing I ask George the great is don’t mess with your hottest property too much please. Cartoon Network says the episode(s) featuring the walking dead Sith “pun intended” will air sometime this spring however I suspect it “might” be a part of the season finale.

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