hijacked?! Update…

Below is a message from the which was illegally hijacked less than a month ago. If you use this site please beware they are now using until all legal issues are resolved. See email that i received today.

Hello —–

Two weeks ago we wrote to tell you the unfortunate news that our domain name, had been stolen.  A considerable number of you have written back to ask for an “official” update, so here you go!

While we have been able to secure our own server where we are temporarily hosting the RPF ( we have NOT been able to regain ownership of at this time.

To be clear, is STILL in the hands of the hacker who has setup a site which looks almost identical to the real site.  Do NOT be fooled. may look like the real site, but is still under the control of the hacker!

The real RPF is still being temporarily housed at

Some of you have expressed a concern about how you know if these communications (like the one you are reading now) are legitimate.  To verify, you can go to our facebook page, twitter page, our facebook group, or even my personal facebook page to verify and learn more.  Below are links to each.

Official RPF Facebook page:
Official RPF Facebook GROUP page:
Official RPF Twitter page:
My personal facebook page:

Our legal team is getting close to completing our dispute of the illegal transfer of and with any luck, we hope to have that domain back in our possession in roughly 30 days or so, but the legal process is a slow one and this has been further complicated since it is also an international issue.

When we do get the domain back, we will email you again to let you know it is safe to return to but until that time, please continue to use and avoid  We are still here, doing what we have always done; sharing our love for props, costumes and models and talking about the latest movies and goings-on in the entertainment industry.

On a final note, hundreds of you have come forward to help support this community in numerous ways.  Thank you for that support!  Your support has shown your devotion and love for this community and we really appreciate it.  Like you, we love this community and are looking forward to continuing to serve you in the future!

Art … for now…

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