ST:TNG hits Blu Ray for the first time this Tuesday!

Star Trek: The Next Generation, on Blu Ray like you’ve experienced before! The experience begins with some of the show’s best episodes in 1080p high definition, with true high definition visual effects and digitally remastered 7.1 sound. Enjoy award winning visual effects that have been painstakingly re-created from the original film elements.

Episodes included are:
“Encounter At Farpoint” – the groundbreaking pilot that started it all.
“Sins Of The Father” – Back in the Klingon Empire, Worf faces a charge of treason, and defends his father’s honor.
“The Inner Light” – Picard lives a lifetime – in an instant – on a long-dead planet, whose inhabitants want only to be remembered.

Click Image to order!

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Next Level [Blu-ray]

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