Hasbro previews 2012 Star Wars Toys

Like many other posts this week I have more previews from this years 2012 Toy Fair. The preview today comes from the Hasbro Toy Fair press release about it’s Star Wars line.

The first of the Star Wars line I want to show is the “MTT” which stands for “Multi Troop Transport”. The vehicle designed after Episode I is a Carrier for 20 droids. The “MTT” features include: firing projectiles, motorized droid deployment, electronic lights and sounds. The Unit also comes with 20 battle droid figures & an Obi-Wan Kenobi figure.

Next Hasbro revealed The Clone Wars Collection based on the animated series on the Cartoon Network previewed below. In addition to the Clone Wars Collection it was also noted that two other collections will be coming out. The Movie Heroes Collection figures include features such as a light-up lightsaber and sounds. The Vintage Collection are selections of favorite characters from the Star Wars saga. The “Vintage Collection” feature exceptionally accurate design and superb articulation customary to Hasbro’s action figures. The Vintage Collection will be offered in packaging designed to closely match the original 1978-84 Kenner Star Wars packaging! Visit Star Wars Shop

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