So Excited! G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation New International Trailer released

To start off I am so very much looking forward to this movie; Go Joe! To start off I think this trailer is slightly better than of all the trailers for the movie GI Joe 2, the coolest part of is seeing more of what i think is Cobra Commander in full outfit. GI Joe 2 I hope re energizes fans to the point there will be good box office turnout that spawns another movie. So yes I am a fan of GI Joe about as much as I am a Transformers fan. Growing up in the 80’s GI Joe and Transformers were my favorites out of all that was going on in that period of time. Now that I said that I do have very high expectations for GI Joe 2, I don’t want be let down like the first GI Joe movie did. Enjoy the trailer!


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