Coming Soon “Collectors Hype” The Podcast Radio Show!

  As announced on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of this site I am preparing to do various upgrades to Collectors Hype. In the coming months I will be moving to a new server, the completion date on that is set for January 2013. Upon the successful server move new features will be added such as an “Enhanced” Twitter or News Feed, Video Integration and a monthly radio show called , “Collectors Hype!”. Collectors Hype! radio show for Collectors of Entertainment Memorabilia will be 45 minutes in length published monthly to start. The Radio show will be comprised of Discussion Topics, Interviews, Special Segments and Topic related news. Since this website is just a hobby for me , the major upgrades are expected to be completed by January 2013 with the Podcast radio show to be up and running shortly after. With the upgrades it is my hope to give a more exclusive experience to Entertainment Memorabilia Collectors needing information or enjoyment. Stay Tuned for more updates on the site upgrade. As always thanks for reading my Blog, tell your friends about it!

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