Jamie Lee Curtis HorrorHound Con Appearance ~ Video

If you haven’t heard and I’m not sure how you couldn’t Film Icon Jamie Lee Curtis did her first and only convention ever recently at the HorrorHound Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana November 16-18th. I’m only a little sad that I couldn’t make it as the convention was held during my birthday weekend and I had some big plans that were made well in advance of the announcement. From what I have heard from friends that went to the HorrorHound Con was that it was a blast! I’ve look at pictures and watched their shaky video’s of the Q&A session Mrs. Curtis had with fans and it just makes me more sad that I didn’t cancel my plans and go, heck I only live 2 1/2 hours away! Instead of posting some shaky video I decided to post video taken by fellow blogger and prop collector J.A. Manning of Movie Prop Collectors Blog . Mr. Manning took some very good video of the Q&A session and I want to share that with you, enjoy the video of Jamie Lee Curtis in her ONLY appearance EVER at a convention!

Movie Prop Collectors Blog   Movie Prop Collectors YouTube Channel

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