Just For Fun Video – My Animation Cel Collection…

I was bored tonight so I decided to pull my animation cels from their storage box and shoot a video of them. This is just a brief video showing most of them laying out on the floor for your viewing pleasure. The majority of the cels are from the 1980’s aka my childhood shows I loved to watch when I was growing up.

My best guess is that I have roughly 500-600 total that includes whole scenes that are usually made up of 20-40 cels and individual cels from various cartoons. Also I have a few original production folders and the cels that belong to each folder.

The animation cels I have the most of are from the Star Wars Animated cartoon from the 1980’s “Ewoks”, I bought a couple of lots made up of 50 or more cels. In all I think there are about 150-200 of the Ewok animation cels.

 I have cels from: The Real Ghostbusters and Filmation’s Ghostbusters, Smurfs, Star Wars animated shows Ewoks and Droids, Transformers, Jetsons, Bravestarr, Transformers Beast Wars, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Disney’s Ducktales, Delbert, HeMan, Pink Panther, Garfield, Wing Commander…

You can also view a “sampling” of my Animation Cel collection here under my private collection link.

Anyhow this video I did just for fun enjoy it as its not the best video I have done this made with my Iphone camera.

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