Profiles in History’s Captain America: The First Avenger Auction Catalog is up!

Today California based Profiles in History a major movie memorabilia auction house released the catalog for their next upcoming event the Captain America: The First Avenger Auction. Profiles in History was chosen by Marvel Entertainment to auction off over 200 items from the feature film Captain America: The First Avenger. The auction will feature costumes, props and vehicles from the film as well as production artwork and various other production items. In addition to the Captain America items the auction will also offer the original full-scale screen-used Mark II suit from Iron Man 2 as well as prop weapons, a pair of stunt Mjölnir war hammers and Jane Foster’s hero notebook from Thor. The auction is April 14 and begins at 6pm Eastern 4pm Pacific registration is now open. Visit Profiles in History for more and complete information.


Auction Highlights as mentioned by Profiles in History:

• Chris Evans “Steve Rogers/Captain America” hero costume with shield
• Chris Evans “Steve Rogers/Captain America” hero USO stage costume with shield
• Hugo Weaving “Johann Schmidt/Red Skull” hero black leather “SS” costume
• Hugo Weaving “Johann Schmidt/Red Skull” Cube setup costume
• Hugo Weaving “Red Skull” screen-worn prosthetic makeup appliances
• Hayley Atwell “Peggy Carter” hero pub scene red crêpe dress
• Hero Cube carrier with Cosmic Cube
• Hero silver prototype shield
• Full-scale “Captain America” motorcycle
• A selection of full-scale Hydra Bikes
• Full-scale Hydra Fastrac
• Hydra and Allied hero weaponry: flamethrowers, machine guns, assault rifles, grenades, etc.
• Super Soldier Rebirth pod
• “Stark Industries” equipment

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