Propworx Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Auctions on Ebay

Propworx just announced today via email that they had began listing on Ebay for props from both Battlestar Galactica and Stargate. The listings are live now and can be found under the Ebay id linnear. The auctions end Tuesday so you better hurry and get in on all the action.

Items up for bid:


Colonial Note Set -Triad Card Set – 2004 Crew Dog Tag- “Leonis Estates” Wine Bottle- Yellow Enlisted Coffee Cup- Viper Flight Pad Set
“12 Cylon Models” Sheet- New Caprica “Rendezvous” Paper-New Caprica Hero I.D. Card Set- William Adama Invitation Set- Vice President Ballot Set- Simon Suicide Note- Quorum of 12 Binder Set- Statistic Charts- Back-Up Saul Drawing – “The Plan” Phamplet Set- New Caprica Propoganda Set – Hero Sharon Cylon Flightsuit – Mini Series Colonial Blaster – Senior Flight Wing Pin- Flight Wing Pin-Captain Rank Pin Set-Dress Gray Pin – Set of Four Cubits- Cubit Set -Caprica Magazine Set- “Colonial Advisor” Newspaper- William Adama Chest X-Ray Set- Caprica Hero Joseph Adama Lighter- Caprica Hero Joseph Adama Lighter


Stargate Hero Ancient Drone- Stargate USS Apollo Plaque and Frame- Stargate Atlantis Aurora Panel- Stargate Hero Open Apophis Serpent Helmet- Stargate SG-1 Crew Parking Pass Set- Stargate SG-1 Crew Coffee Mug- Stargate SG-1 Jaffa Costume


Star Trek: The Experience Borg Wall façade

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