Chicago Comic Con wrap up….

Well it was a very busy weekend for me in Chicago @ Wizard Worlds Chicago Comic Con 2012. I bought 4 day passes but ended up only attending Friday and Saturday. From my view the Con looked awesome lots of fans and personable celebrities and artists alike. I got most of the items I brought with me signed and I meet and got pictures with the celebrities I like. The only autographs I missed was Stan Lee and Norman Reedus both had lines that were crazy but the VIP thing with Norman Reedus kinda put me off. They didn’t do general admission signing until 530/6pm on Saturday and the Con closed at 7pm. Aside from that I did enjoy myself alot and this was only the second event of Wizard Worlds that I have attended, with plans to attend more. Below I have posted pictures of my photo ops and some of the memorabilia I got signed has been posted to my Private Collection – Autographed page. Bottom line the event was great I just should have went on Thursday to get a lot out of my way so I could have met Stan Lee.

Enjoy the pics and thanks for reading my blog Collectors Hype.

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