Premiere Props September 15-16 Hollywood Auction Extravaganza VII

Premiere Props on September 15-16 Hollywood Auction Extravaganza VII, auctioning off over 1000 Hollywood costumes and props including unreleased photos and wardrobe items from Elvis Presley, including his bathing suit from “Blue Hawaii;” Harry’s training broom and quaffle ball from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” the WOPR computer from “Wargames,” the Delorean test car from “Back to the Future,” the Samurai sword from “Shogun,” and a trailer from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. The auction will take place at Premiere Props’ headquarters in El Segundo, CA beginning at 11am PT, with a preview from 9-11am PT each day.

 Statement aside from Premiere Props above this auction looks a “bit” more interesting item wise than previous auctions. Now I do know Premiere Props has had their issues in the past. I won’t get into it that much as I’m sure other blog’s will point those out. The only issue I have ever had with Premiere Props was very slow snail shipping of auction items to winning bidders or overpriced shipping. I will say this at Premiere’s Ebay auctions they ship at lightening speeds, of course Ebay has terms and conditions for sellers, my only hope is they (Premiere Props) adopt that same policy for ALL Premiere Props auctions.

 Yes I am and continue to be a customer of Premiere Props. I do want to add this opinion about the Prop Selling industry as a whole, that is yes there are many issues with many auction houses but hey it’s up to the buyer to do your own research and just know this “NO auction house” is perfect there are going to be issues as with many areas of business and life for that matter. My best advice is don’t be afraid to ask many questions, remember in most cases the internet can be your friend so do your research!  Never just take a Seller, Buyer or Auction houses word about an item the best defense is again research!

 In closing I will be bidding in this upcoming auction and I hope many others do as well just don’t bid against me. Happy Bidding!

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