Premiere Props Holllywood VIP Auction 3 Jan.26

The date is January 26th 2013 the company is Premiere Props and how is through and beginning at 10am pacific time.

Yes folks there is a prop and movie memorabilia auction coming and a little bit more can be had in this event. Premiere Props states over 500 items will be in this auction however at press time only 333 items have been posted to icollector. Recently I did have a chance to speak to a member of the El Segundo, CA company who did advise me that there will indeed be around 500 items and also advised me that all lots would be posted by this past Friday 1/18. As of today which  is only 6 days away from the auction I don’t see that,but I’m pretty sure they will get all the items listed. Either way I am reviewing whats in this VIP Auction 3 thus far, So lets look.

The Hollywood VIP Auction III will be featuring items from the movies Mirror Mirror, Season of the witch, Immortals,  30 minutes or less, Underworld Evolution, One Missed Call, Scream 4, The Blind Side, School for Scoundrels, Gamers, Inglorious Bastards , Three Musketeers, Perks f being a Wallflower and much more. Also making its auction return is the WOPR computer from the sci-fi thriller sequel ‘War Games: The Dead Code.

Included in this auction are a few Animation cels from various cartoons including cels from Disney and the Simpsons and some storyboards from Flash Gordon and Indiana Jones.

Additionally in a odd move Premiere Props will have some “used” Star Wars toys, yeah not sure what to make of that oh well its their auction so whatever they want to put in it is up to them.

You can view the lots here: and

As always do your research and Happy Bidding……


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