Remembering Discovery’s “Movie Magic”!


Among the few influences I had in regards to prop collecting , I’m proud to say this show was one of them Discovery Channel’s “Movie Magic”! I recently came across some old episodes on You Tube the other day and a lot of memories were brought back. Movie Magic is a show that takes a more in depth look at the behind the scenes of movie making primarily focusing on special effects. Each episode revolved around a specific area of special effects, such as episodes covering Model Miniatures, Computer Effects, Make Up Effects and Practical effects.

What I enjoyed was seeing how it all happened, how the props I wanted to own someday were made. Following the artists that made the effects real and how the effects were made. Movie Magic is a must see even if your not a collector just simply a fan this show was pretty interesting in its day, Movie Magic on aired for one season in 1994 on the Discovery Channel.

Anyhow I wanted to share the videos with those that may have never heard of the show ,if you are a collector of Movie props like me, you will definitely enjoy it.



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