Battlestar Blood & Chrome Prop and Wardrobe Auctions!

bsgbloodnchromeauctionThe Prop and Wardrobe Auction!

Via Anovos Productions Website:

On Sunday February 10, 2013 ANOVOS will begin five (5) consecutive week-long eBay auctions for screen-used and made-for-production items that ANOVOS produced exclusively from the BLOOD & CHROME pilot/feature, which will be airing on Syfy Channel USA at 8 PM / 7 PM Central on that same day. (Home video release will be on Tuesday, February 19 2013.)

Props and costumes will consist of both hero / character-based uniforms and background items, as well as uniform prop accessories and accoutrement. Items up for auction will primarily be Green BDUs, double tanks (both sleeveless and the ever-favored long-sleeved versions), Duty Blues, rank pins, patches, and blaster utility belts.

Each week will see 12 items up for auction (following the Colonial fixation for that number), and all items will come with detailed, signed Certificates of Authenticity designed in the style of Colonial Fleet documentation.

Visit the Ebay Auctions here!




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