Profiles In History to auction Paranorman Props For Charity

I don’t have a whole lot of information beyond what I gathered from Profiles in History’s website but here it is. This is a really good cause and I hope that if you love stop motion animation you will log on to bid and support “The Children’s Charity of Southern California”. The Paranorman auctions start February 22nd through March 4th on Ebay.

From Profiles in History Website:

Profiles in History is proud work with Focus Features and LAIKA to host the auction of these hand-crafted props from their award-winning stop-motion animated feature Paranorman.  All proceeds will benefit Variety — The Children’s Charity of Southern California to fund much needed lifesaving support for disabled, abused, physically challenged and underprivileged children in the Southern California community.”

Click here for Ebay auction listings.



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