Premiere Props Presents Fangoria’s Annual Horror Movie Prop Auction 2013


It’s just one week until the Premiere Props  Fangoria Annual Horror Movie Prop Auction on Saturday October 26, 2013. The auction with 500 items starts at 11am Pst or 1pm Est and will be taking place on icollector, liveauctioneers, artfact or bidding can be done in person or over the phone.

“There will be a preview from 9-11am PDT the live auction beginning at 11am PDT. Plus special guests will be live at the event! The auction will take place at Premiere Props headquarters in El Segundo, (128 Sierra Street, El Segundo, CA 90245) and will be streaming live online.”

Via Premiere Props:::

Premiere Props will be auctioning over 500 sci-fi and horror themed costumes and props at their Halloween auction 17611017_1mheadquarters in El Segundo, (128 Sierra Street, El Segundo, CA 90245) on Saturday, October 26th. There will be a preview from 9-11am PT the live auction beginning at 11am PT.The event will feature items from iconic horror and sci-fi franchises, films and TV shows including HALLOWEEN, SAW, BATMAN RETURNS, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, X-FILES, ANGEL, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE and more!Items include:
BATMAN RETURNS – a BATARANG used by the Penguin (Danny DeVito)
INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE: THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES – special blood in its original production bottle made for the film
TALES FROM THE CRYPT – a life size tarantula (glass encased) and bloody skulls
EVIL DEAD – a foot
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – Buffy’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) screen worn red cape.
HALLOWEEN H2O: 20 YEARS LATER – bloody overalls worn by Michael Myers (Chris Durand)
Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN – Michael Myers’ (Tyler Mane) bloody overalls; Dr. Samuel Loomis’ (Malcolm McDowell) hero costume
HOSTEL – realistic body parts including chopped flesh and bones
FRIDAY THE 13th: JASON GOES TO HELL – Jason Voorhees’ (Kane Hodder) full bloody torso (with shirt), arm (with shirt) and leg (with blood)
FRIDAY THE 13th – official bloody autographed Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) doll
SAW IV – a bloody chain
SAW III – a Producer’s production on-set script autographed by the cast and crew including Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith), Jill (Betsy Russell), and Forensic Office Hoffman (Costas Mandylor)
ANGEL – Angel’s (David Boreanaz) special make-up effects life mask
X-FILES – Alien head
BLADE – Blade’s (Wesley Snipes) vampire teeth and mouth cast
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