Hollywood Auction 62 catalog now up at Profiles in History!

Mark the date Saturday December 21st at 11am pacific that’s when Profiles in History will hold their next Hollywood Memorabiliahollywoodauction62b auction appropriately titled “Hollywood Auction 62”. The catalog is now up for viewing at profilesinhistory.com is available in PDF or Flipbook format. The Hollywood Auction 62 has 784 lots up for bidding the lots span many  historic time periods in Hollywood and genres. View the catalog to see the many amazing items including the Sound of Music Wardrobe collection and the Bert Lahr “Cowardly Lion” prop “Witch Remover” from The Wizard of Oz.

Auction Highlights include:

  • Bert Lahr “Cowardly Lion” prop “Witch Remover” from The Wizard of Oz.
  • Dick Van Dyke “Bert” jacket from Jolly Holiday scene in Mary Poppins
  • Sound of Music Wardrobe collection
  • Rocket Man Tristram Coffin as “Jeff King” hero helmet from King of the Rocket Men
  • Original screen-used “FS-1” Flying Sub filming miniature from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
  • Agnes Moorehead screen-worn “Endora” dress from Bewitched.
  • Miniature van screen used for flying effects in The Greatest American Hero.
  • Miniature working Airwolf helicopter from the establishing mountain hangar shots for Airwolf.
  • Animatronic dinosaur built at Jim Henson’s shop for Dinosaurs.
  • Gillian Anderson “Scully” prop FBI badge and credentials from The X-Files.
  • David Duchovny “Mulder” prop FBI badge and credentials from The X-Files.
  • Smallville screen-used Kryptonian hexagonal key.
  • Gene Wilder “Willy Wonka” signature costume from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  • Harrison Ford “Han Solo” non-firing DL-44 Blaster from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.
  • “R2-D2” hero articulating claw from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • “Yoda” puppet hand from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
  • Click Here to view the complete catalog



Press Release:::

The Sound of Music: From the Legendary Western Costume Company




LOS ANGELES- NOV 14, 2013- Profiles in History, run by Joe Maddalena, is proud to announce that a historic collection of costumes worn by Christopher Plummer “Captain Von Trapp” and the “Von Trapp Children” from The Sound of Music, will be going up for sale at their Hollywood Auction on December 21st. The Sound of Music has been popular in recent auctions, with a lot this summer selling for over $1.5 million, also from Profiles in History. This distinctive set contains a key Christopher Plummer costume; this past summer’s sale included the children and Julie Andrews’ costumes.

These Sound of Music costumes are from the revered “Star Collection” of the Western Costume Company. The Western Costume Company is one of the oldest and largest costume companies in the world. It’s been 25 years since they last offered any costumes from its “Star Collection”. Below are the highlights of the Sound of Music collection, but stay tuned in the coming weeks for more costumes from the collection. The Sound of Music is the most successful musical in movie history. It earned five Oscars including Best Picture of 1965 and displaced Gone With The Wind as the highest grossing film of all time. Details of the 14 costumes are below.

Christopher Plummer’s “Captain Von Trapp,” jacket and pants worn in the “Edelweiss” and “So Long, Farewell” musical numbers from the final sequence and solo (pictured left.)

A set of five Von Trapp children costumes worn in the “Edelweiss” and “So Long, Farewell” musical numbers from the Courtyard rehearsal and final sequences.

A set of two Von Trapp children capes worn in the “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” number from the final sequence (pictured right.)

A set of two Von Trapp children costumes worn in the “Do-Re-Mi” number from the village sequence.

A set of three Von Trapp children costumes worn in the family dinner sequence.

A Charmian Carr “Liesl” jacket worn in “The Sound of Music” musical sequence as sung by the gloomy children following Maria’s return to the Abbey.

All 14 costumes are part of one lot and the lot is expected to sell for $150,000 – $250,000.

Founded in 1985 by Joseph Maddalena, Profiles in History is the world’s largest auctioneer & dealer of original Hollywood Memorabilia, historical autographs, letters, documents, vintage signed photographs and manuscripts. Born into a family of antiques dealers in Rhode Island, Joseph “Joe” Maddalena learned early on how to turn his passion of collecting historical autographs into a career. Upon graduation from Pepperdine, Joe pursued his passion to become a full-time dealer of historical documents, and opened his first office in 1985. Profiles in History has held some of the most prestigious and successful auctions of Hollywood memorabilia and own virtually every Guinness Book record for prices of original screen-used memorabilia.  Highlights from their previous auctions include the “Cowardly Lion” costume from The Wizard of Oz ($805,000); Steve McQueen’s “Michael Delaney” racing suit from Le Mans  ($960,000); From the history-making Debbie Reynolds Auction in June 2011, Profiles in History sold the Marilyn Monroe “Subway” Dress from The Seven Year Itch for $5.52M and the Audrey Hepburn Ascot Dress from My Fair Lady for $4.44M. In February 2012, Profiles in History arranged the sale of a pair of Judy Garland screen-used Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz  to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. In addition, Joe Maddalena is the star of Hollywood Treasure, which just ended its second season on Syfy.  Hollywood Treasure takes viewers into the fascinating world of showbiz and pop culture memorabilia. For more information visit www.profilesinhistory.com

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