Five Props We Like From The Fifth Element!

It’s been almost 18 years since the Fifth Element rolled out to theaters. Now Collectors Hype takes a look back at the props and costumes that helped create the now classic sci-fi hit.

1) ZF1 Pod Weapon SystemZF1 Pod Weapon Systema

Who can forget this little baby! Made by Zorg Industries this weapon was multi functional to say the least, it was a Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle, Flame Thrower, Net Gun, Dart Gun, Gas Gun! Just don’t push the “red” self destruct button! Zorg’s ZF-1 weapon was inspired by the AKSU-74 compact assault rifle. BOOM! BANG! BOOM!

2) Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) Taxi

FifthElementtaxi_700Korben Dallas

A lot of great early scenes were shot in this taxi pictured above, cool life size prop! This is the Korben Dallas taxi used in the film and was subsequently sold by a french auction house, would we love to drive home and see this in the drive way. The taxi was designed by comic book artist Jean-Claude Mézières. There was also a miniature taxi that was used in the action sequences, that would be cool in your prop room!

3)The Mangalore (masks and bodysuits)


These bad asses were ruthless but not so bright. Hired by Mr. Zorg these mercenaries didn’t always have the best of luck when they met Kroben Dallas. The creature design is amazing, many of the facial expressions and features were controlled my a dozen or so servo’s mounted in the mask.

4) Mondoshawan


Over the years I have seen the head for these up for sale or in auction. Actors who wore the Mondoshawan suits used mini TV monitors inside to see where they were going. Another great prop / costume that I admire for this film.

5) Element Stones

9f1zThese prop stones, four in all were a huge part of the film. Korben Dallas, The Priest and others fought to keep these stones out of the hands of evil so that they may be return to Earth to help protect it from the evil that was coming.



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