Rick Baker Auction My Top 6 Favorite Lots!

With the Rick Baker: Monster Maker Auction coming up on Friday May 29th I have selected my top six favorites in the upcoming auction event. The Prop Store is offering up a lot in this once in a life time opportunity to own something made by a movie magic pioneer. There are about 500 lots in the auction all of them unique and worthy of anyone’s top 6.

I more and likely would not be able to afford my top 6 picks, it is nice to see that these things do still exist. We all could have our own top six , ten, or twenty from this unique first exclusive auction of Rick Baker work.

The lot images in this article are from the auction catalog published by the Prop Store and features display and restoration efforts of Tom Spina Designs. I recommend heading over to the Prop Store and checking out the catalog and registration requirements.


6)  Men in Black – “Full-Size Alien Edgar Bug Animatronic Character”  Lot 213.

I picked the full size Edgar Alien just for its cool factor, I didn’t know until now that they even made a full size one. I honestly thought it was mostly CGI for the big stuff. Very cool piece!



5)Men In Black –  “ Mikey (John Alexander) Costume Display ” Lot 209.

The “Mikey” Costume display is a another pick for its coolness. I really like the first Men in Black movie and to own something so recognizable. Mikey’s “Human Head on a post” is also up for auction see lot 203.

Mikey (John Alexander) Costume Display


4) Gorillas In The Mist – “Simba R/C Head and Remote” Lot 56.

Thanks to Rick Bakers design the life like gorillas were so amazing that I didn’t realize until weeks after that they were not real. The facial expressions that was able to be achieved at the time is impressive to say the least.


3) How The Grinch Stole Christmas – “Grinch (Jim Carrey) Santa Costume Display” Lot 268.

When this movie was released I knew it would become an instant holiday classic. We will see How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carey played on TV for many many years to come. Having this costume wold make me smile every time I looked at it.



2) Gremlins 2: The New Batch – “Mechanical George Gremlin Puppet”  Lot 129.

I chose the Mechanical George Gremlin Puppet as my 2nd favorite because I really enjoyed the Gremlins movies. I would like to add something from this movie to my collection for sure. I may not be able to afford George but I have my eyes on a couple lots of Gremlin stuff I might me interested in.  See you at the auction.



1) Harry And The Hendersons – “Harry Head, Hands, Feet and Muscle Suit” Lot 40.

Harry And The Hendersons was a childhood favorite, I cant even begin to remember how many times I watched this on VHS. I picked this as my number 1 not because I intend on bidding on it, its just good to know that Harry has been doing fine these past 18 years or so.



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