Horror Week 2015 – The Movie Prop Warehouse!


It’s that favorite time of the year for fans and collectors of horror prop and costume memorabilia! The Movie Prop horrorweekthemoviepropwarehouse2015Warehouse  announced their annual “Horror Week”  a special event with lists from the horror movie genre starting Sunday October 25th through October 29th 2015.

The movies that will be represented in Horror Week include A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Hellraiser, Texas Chainsaw, Bubba Ho-Tep, Insidious, Sinister, Saw and more.  I was lucky enough to receive some preview photos from John Page owner of The Movie Prop Warehouse showing some of the items that will be listed.

Hellraiser Revelations MPW Horrorweek

During Horror Week about 50 props and costumes from the horror genre will be listed over the week. 5 items will be listed each morning in the UK and 5 more items will be listed in the evening. Prices range from £15 – £4999, all fixed pricing, this is not an auction. http://www.moviepropwarehouse.com/

sinister horrorweek MPW

In addition to the listings there will be a horror competition through the facebook page of The Move Prop Warehouse for a £100 voucher, the winner will be announced on Halloween! https://www.facebook.com/The-Movie-Prop-Warehouse-121905557852722/

Bubba Ho-Tep-moviepropwarehouse2015


About Movie Prop Warehouse:

The Movie Prop Warehouse was founded in 2009 by movie prop collector John Page. A UK company based in North East England, an area rich in film history, with films such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Get Carter, Alien 3, Harry Potter all filmed on our doorstep. The Movie Prop Warehouse is particularly interested in items from any films either filmed or based in the North East of England

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