It’s War Week At The Movie Prop Warehouse!

War! is coming to The Movie Prop Warehouse in a series of special event listings this September. The War Week! event will feature props, costumes and other items from war based television shows and movies. War Week! will run from Monday September 3rd through Friday September 8th, 2017 exclusively at The Movie Prop Warehouse website.

Over the course of the week 55 themed items will be listed for sale. During the 5 day event period 11 items are listed each day with the price range between £10 to £999. Television shows and movies featured in this event listing include Band of Brothers, Windtalkers, A Bridge too Far, Tears of the Sun and more many more.

The Movie Prop Warehouse was founded in 2009 by movie prop collector John Page. A UK company based in North East England, an area rich in film history, with films such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Get Carter, Alien 3, Harry Potter all filmed on our doorstep. The Movie Prop Warehouse is particularly interested in items from any films either filmed or based in the North East of England.

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