ME-TV Original Series Collector’s Call Returns March 2022!

Recently announced by ME-TV the return of the Pop Culture focused series Collector’s Call for season three. The series is hosted by Lisa Whelchel (Facts of Life, Survivor) and focuses on collectors and their collections including movie/tv prop collections. Also in attendance is an appraiser whom offers up a possible trade to the collector of a much sought after item.

You will have to check your area to see if ME-TV is available in your area both on cable, satellite and in some areas you can get ME-TV with an over the air antenna.

In season two we saw fellow collector James Azrael of the The HSPPA / The Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association – IPPA, INC. and his collection featured with fellow Blogger/Prop Guru Mark Short as the appraiser. Rumor has it Mark Short is returning as an appraiser for season three. Sadly, Collector’s Hype (me) will not be on this season, I was interview by the producer’s but not chosen.

Season three of Collector’s Call will have 23 episodes and will begin airing on Sunday March 27, 2022 at 630p est. If possible I do recommend watching the series it is so cool seeing the various collections that are featured and the production of the show is done quite well.

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