Preservation Tips…

Tv/Movie Wardrobe:

Keep you valuable piece of movie history safe from the strains of time. Store in a dry clean area away from humidity. Use an acid-Free garment bag (wedding dress size works best). Acid free is very important as in time plastic gives of chemicals that can drastically change the colors of the costume you are trying to preserve. And don’t forget the Dry cedar balls/sticks or traditional moth balls.

Animation Cels:

First things first to preserve your animation cels these are the 4 big things to watch out for high levels of light, extreme relative humidity, high temperatures and excessive handling. Storage is not the easiest for animation cels as the plastic deteriorates it gives off gases. Keeping your Cels in low levels of light it is recommended that a light level of 50 LUX, but should not exceed 150 LUX works best. Also keep your Cels in mid to low levels of humidity (50%) and temperature (68 degrees). Store in your Cels in a cotton sheet or some other type of linen is preferable. Always store your Cels in an acid-free box and/or plastic cover.

Tv/Movie Props:

Protecting your movie props from the tests of time is vital; it also can be not the easiest. Props come in many shapes and sizes; from ray guns to foam latex rubber masks making just one guideline for storage, display and protection very difficult. The best advice that can be given is to know the prop you are dealing with, Resin built props are fairly easy to maintain just watch for paint wear and chipping. Foam latex masks are very difficult to maintain, there are only a few companies that can help restore and maintain the quality of your foam props. The least you handle foam latex props the better, I would suggest storing in some type of display case or comparable. See the links section for companies that do restoration and protection of this type of tv/movie prop.

Comic Books:

Preserving your comic’s is not very difficult and none to expensive either. Comics in recent years have increased in value so that makes protecting/preserving them an important step in taking advantage of that increased value. The biggest step in maintaining the quality of your comic is knowing how to handle the item. Handling the item in your hands as little as possible is a good first step, oh and make sure you have clean hands when you do so. Acid from your hands can stain or add to the deterioration of the sensitive paper used to make some older comics.  Always store your comics in acid free comic book plastic covers, and use some type of backboard to help support the book. To store a collection of comic books there are also acid free card board comic book boxes available thru many retailers or comic book stores that sell them and the boxes are usually fairly priced. See links section for companies that sell these types of storage items.

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