Syfy’s “Face Off’ returns tonight at 10pm

Take two!

It’s back Syfy’s Face Off Premieres tonight on the network at 10pm kicking off season two of the competition and elimination series featuring special-effects make-up artists. The show has 13 contestants that utilize their skills as sfx make up artists to compete in a series of challenges that are featured each episode. Surprisingly the challenges test the creativity and skills of each contestant which leads to the end of each episode where one contestant will be sent home by the panel of expert/celebrity judges. Whew that was a mouthful! Anyhow I watched last season’s Face off and did enjoyed it, enough to the point that I’m going to watch again this season.  I also like this show because I collect make up sfx , creature masks/headpieces. The only thing I didn’t like but maybe it is due to the fact that it was the first season at times it did get a little boring. My hope is it is all in the editing and we will see a much more fast paced show this season. Either way my dvr is set and ready to go for yet another season which I am looking forward to.

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