VIP Fan Auctions to offer Syfy’s Eureka props, wardobe and set pieces for bid

 This season of Syfy Channels “Eureka” is the 5th and final season of the exciting original series. Though Eureka is ending, a new season opens up to fans such as myself and that is collecting! I have been a faithful fan of this series from the pilot, I was sad when Syfy decided to cancel the show in favor of wrestling and reality based programing. There is now a rainbow at the end of the road for fans of the show and that is being brought to us by VIP Fan Auctions. While I was sifting through Ebay I came to VIP Auctions page and there I noticed a banner Eureka Official Auctions no date is listed. This is very interesting and cool so many unique props , wardrobe and set pieces were used in this show that I hope that the majority of the items make it to auction. As always once more information becomes available I will post it here on this blog.

Ebay Vip Fan Auctions Store

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