Movie Effects Artist Cleve Hall gets a reality show on Syfy Channel – Monster Man

Special Effects artist Cleve Hall will star in a realty based show on the Syfy Channel this March. The show is title Monster Man and follows Cleve and crew around his special effect shop as well as on various production sets. Originally from Florida Cleve Hall moved to Hollywood having  worked on such films as Ghoulies, Re-Animator, Troll and Ed Wood. Also featured on Monster Man are Roy Knyrim who is the owner/boss of the shop. Cindy the co-owner, office coordinator and Roy’s right hand woman. Employee Johnny Saiko is a jack-of-all-trades. Talented Fabricator Hill Vinot whom screen credits include Iron Man II, Real Steel, The Last Samurai, Blade II, Nip / Tuck, InvasionAdditional cast includes: Constance Hall the daughter of Cleve Hall, Cleve’s other daughter Elora and Sonia Maddox-Hall, Cleve’s ex-wife. Monster Man airs Wednesday’s at 10pm starting March 14. In addition to Monster Man Syfy also airs Hollywood Treasures a reality show about Profiles and History’s movie memorabilia auctions and Face Off a reality competition for and about Effects Make Up Artists.

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