Face Off crowns its winner!

On the Season Finale of Syfy’s Face Off the winner was Rayce Bird! Rayce was one of my picks early on to be a front runner, he offer lots of creativity and consistency in the reality contest for Sfx make up artists. Congrats Rayce job well done! Check out a gallery of the many looks Rayce created on Face Off here.

Face off will return this summer for season 3 on Syfy no date had be given at press time.

Below is Rayce’s profile from the Face Off site on Syfy.com…..

Rayce Bird ( Winner)

AGE: 29

EXPERTISE: Sculpting / Painting / Character Design

OCCUPATION: Tattoo Artist


Rayce Bird works two jobs to support his wife and four children. He uses his artistic skills in his career as a tattoo artist and hopes to soon open a larger shop. He was inspired by the movie Predator and the He-Man character as a child, but his passion was sparked seven years ago by a mask he found in a Halloween spook alley in Salt Lake City. Rayce studied virtual technology and design at the University of Idaho and uses his computer knowledge in his character creation. He hopes to be an innovator in the special effects industry by combining virtual technology with classic techniques. His design style integrates a variety of types of art – tattooing, graphic design, 3D special effects and music.

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