Premiere Props’ Hollywood Auction Extravaganza V – Session 2

Premiere Props‘ Hollywood Auction Extravaganza V is this weekend, March 24-25th. The auction having over 1000 lots of movie and music memorabilia bidding can be done in person or on the internet at Icollector and Liveauctioneers . Session 2 has now been posted so here is a review of some of the highlights. First few lots I see is Where on Earth is Carmen San Diego Hand Drawn Animation Cels ; as a Animation Cel collector I havn’t seen those very often so I will be interesting to see how high the bidding actually goes; far less than the 300 dollar estimate I’m sure. Next is some more Animation Cels this time from My Little Pony, these not so rare you can get a ton of these on Ebay for like 2-5 dollars each the estimate from Premiere Props has the bidding starting at 50.00 for 2 Cels, have fun with that! Moving forward and skipping the usual parking passes from various productions, Signed photos, etc etc etc. One of the more stand out items Hero metal Batarang used in the production of The Dark Knight,  signed by stars Christian Bale (Batman) and the late Heath Ledger (The Joker).  Another item that is on the lighter side and would like to bid on is  a Throw Momma from the Train stunt mask of actress Ann Ramsey who played Momma.

Also as I looked through the list of lots I came across a Alien Nation Mask  Lot 909, that bares the same markings as one I bid on but lost to a floor bidder from the Fangoria auction in 2011, curious……….

Couple items of interest:

Ghost of Christmas Future from Scrooged- Top half of the seven foot tall screen used figure of the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Stargate Production Made Bust- Bust of an Egyptian-clothed alien, production made for Stargate (1994).

Jim Carrey Medieval Tunic, Gloves and Helmet from The Cable Guy.


One last note be advised when the items says oversized item, from experience Premiere Props over charges for what they call secure shipping. I have bought/traded props from all over the world and I have not seen shipping so high from any one company. That is my sticking point on whether I will bid or not. I do like Premiere Props as a company, but have reservations…..

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