Troma Movies Free to watch online!

Lloyd Kaufman the head of Troma Entertainment has put most of the Troma film library on You Tube to watch for FREE! Films like the classic  Toxic Avenger,Class of Nuke’Em High, Killer Condom, Bigfoot, Dead Men Walk and so many many more are all online WATCH HERE Troma Movies. Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment are Legends in the cult movie world. Troma Entertainment has distributed over 1000 films and still is. Lloyd Kaufman contiunes to direct, produce and distributes and is always on the the lookout for new films. Visit Troma here

I am a fan of  “B movies”, low budget independent flicks the kind that are put out by Lloyd Kaufman and Roger Corman. If you are into those kind of outside the box movies then you definitely need to check out Troma’s You Tube Channel.

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