Propworx Relaunches!

On August 28th it was reported here  that Propworx was closing up shop. Now earlier this week Propworx sends out an email announcing their “relaunch”? I am excited for them as I have myself done business with Propworx several times over the past year or two. Though no update has been done to the actual Propworx website the email makes a reference to visiting it for more information.

The “relaunched” auctions are on Ebay under the user name of Linnear and features items from Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Iron Man. It also looks like Propworx has several auctions lined up in the coming weeks because in the email this is billed as “week 1”. I suggest saving the seller to your list of sellers on your ebay account so that you don’t miss any of the upcoming auctions. Additionally you can check out the Propworx Facebook page for further updates and news.

Email notice

Propworx Auctions up on eBay!

 Propworx has relaunched and our first week of new auctions is up and running!

Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Star Trek, Iron Man and the Hulk are all represented here. I have received a bunch of consignments over the last few months and Dean and I will be launching them over the next few weeks.

Week 1 is up and you can find 50 items by clicking here!!

Or check out user name linnear.

Dean Newberry, who has been with Propworx for two years, will be handling questions and shipping and you can get a hold of him at

Be sure to check us out at as well as on Facebook at to find out more information on this weeks auctions!

The Propworx Team

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