Collectors Hype Sells on Ebay!

As of Sunday this week I have begun a few auctions and Buy it Now opportunities on Ebay. Every now and then I will be selling various items from comic artists lithographs to Movie props and wardrobe all of which are from my personal collection. Currently I’m trying to focus my collecting on primarily science fiction movies and television shows that I truly do enjoy. Often I get pulled into a “good deal” so I end up buying things that are outside of my interests and have to find the space to put it. Well the closets are getting full and space is limited so some things have got to go. I want to point out one thing I will not be that ebayer that over prices my items in order to turn a hefty profit rather I want to get rid of the items and put the money towards what I really want. Also if its a prop or wardrobe it WILL be authentic and will usually have the original coa ship with the item or items sold.

Visit my Ebay page here…..

Presently on Ebay all items come with free shipping:

  • Ghostbusters animation cels asking 24.99 Buy it Now
  • Various lithographs for 21.99 Buy it Now
  • An auction for 8 lithographs starting bid is 7.99
  • 2 “Mirror Mirror” Dwarf outfits selling as a pair for 149.00 Buy it Now
  • Stargate Atlantis background actor outfit from episode titled “Identity” asking 149.00 Buy it Now

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