Collectors Wanted For New TV Show!

Recently I received an email from member of Pitman Casting the folks behind the casting for Syfy hit series Face Off and Hot Set. The purpose of the email is that Reelz tv channel is looking to cast collectors of Movie, Tv and Music Memorabilia for a new Tv Docu-series. Per the email “This is the opposite of a couple shows currently on the air that feature collectors.  Reelz wants to celebrate and honor the collector, not belittle or ‘help’ them.” Pitman Casting is looking for some passionate collectors who like” showing off their stuff“.

Each episode will follow 1-2 collectors around their spaces as they show off their goods. We’ll learn why pieces are valuable, unique or particularly significant to the films/TV shows they were originally featured in.

I have checked all the information out and this is legit so feel free to reach out and submit your information and pictures of your collection and you may have a chance to be on the show, and yes I am submitting my name and collection for review. This sounds like a good chance to share the passion we all have for what we do, besides a we collect for a reason and why not share with others right?.

See information below….


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