Star Trek Week At The Movie Prop Warehouse, Exclusive Photo’s!


If there is one Tv show or movie that I love to collect props from it is anything from the Star Trek Franchise! I love all incarnations of the almost 50 year old series and have watched and re watched all of them hundred’s of times over so when I got wind of UK based Movie Prop Warehouse’s Star Trek week beginning May 5th, I had to get in touch with them. Below is my Q/A that I had with John Page of Movie Prop Warehouse about the upcoming event and some exclusive photos!

Q: How many items do you intend to have from Star Trek featured during your Star Trek week? How many are props and production items?

A: 50 items in total, props, costumes, scripts, storyboards, press kits, memorabilia.

Q: Will you be posting all items at once or daily over the course of the week?

A:10 items listed per day.

Q: What are the price ranges?

A: £10 – £1500 or U.S 15.55- U.S 2333.55

Q: From which shows in the Star Trek Franchise are the items from?

A: TNG, Voyager, Enterprise, Deep Space 9, Most films. Have a look at the current Index on the website, it lists all titles though the stock is not yet live.

Q: Will the Star Trek items be on the site or on Ebay?

A: Everything will be on website, though we may run a few ebay auctions.

I’d like to thank John for his time in answering my questions and also for the exclusive pictures!

Exclusive Photo’s!

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