A Little Bit Of Animation In This Auction May 16!

1622mUniversal Live’s Collectibles , Coins ,Toys and Antiques auction has a little bit of animation you might get at a great deal! Universal Live does quite a few auctions on icollector every month one of the last one’s was an Animation auction.

From what I can tell the animation cels up for bid seem to be some left over items from previous auctions. Just because its left over doesn’t mean there are bad deals; check out the items that will be up for bid including Stan Lee autographed cels.

X-Men Original Animation Drawing Tongue Tied
Donald Duck Cel Animation and Drawing
Elmo Cel Burger In A Box
Animation Cel X-MEN Signed Stan Lee Cel includes Background
Drawing and Animation cel Fast Nap Donald Duck
Archie Cel Animation and Drawing
Donald Duck Original cel and Background
Stan Lee Fantastic Four Original Animation Signed Cel
The Jetsons Original Judy Jet Animation Cel Rocking
The Smurfs Original Cel Animation Background
Orig X-Men Signed Stan Lee Animation Cel Background
Fantastic Four Signed Stan Lee Production Orig Cel
Animation Oscar Grouch Cel
Bugs Bunny Orig Cel Production
Fantastic 4 Orig Cel Animation Background signed by Stan Lee
Signed Orig Stan Lee Bkgd Animation X-Men Robot
Bam Bam Pebbles Original Cel

& a few more!

Visit icollector.com for registration and the auction starts May 16 at 5pm est!


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