Collectors Hype 2013 What a Year!


Collectors Hype 2013 year in review!

Wow what a year 2013 was for my site records were broken and made now I start my third year doing what I love kinda…. Being a little fish in a big pond does sometimes have its advantages mostly with low expectations that can be easily over come. Two years ago when I started this site my goal was to make the information on prop collecting more readily available sans the opinion part. You know what they say about opinions “everybody has one”  even I do but that’s not what this site is about necessarily. If opinions are what you seek then visit the collector resources page (link at the top header).

If its when where and how on getting your hands on some cool props then Collectors Hype is the site for you. I do this out of passion not for money (it would be nice) there really isnt a real news and information only site on the internet that provides as much on the latest in prop news. Yea Yea there are other blogs that tell you some of the same information that I do but I do it more often. Don’t get me wrong I like almost all the prop blogs out there as I said a sentence ago I have links to them, I value their opinions on the hobby but I like to know where I can get my hands on the next prop thats gonna “make” my collection complete and I hope you do to. Now do I catch every auction or sale no not all but most, I’d say Im 85% on all the latest.  I do like it when I get press releases or heads up emails from Prop dealers it makes me feel like this is all worth it that being said I still have to research and stalk auction sites like a hot date almost every day.

This site is not my job I have a full time job that takes up 50 hours or so a week that I do like, this site is just a love or passion as I put it earlier. I’m not a rich person or come from a rich family my collection isn’t the largest (yet), I just like collecting props and sharing information with others on the how and hopefully make friends along the way.

Ok the blah blah is over I really just wanted to recap the year Collectors Hype had in 2013 so here are some cool facts::

  • 2013 7,355 visits were made to the site. Total visits since the 2012 is 11,872.
  • There are now a total of 428 posts overall since I launched the site.
  • There was 2,943 more visitors to the site over the previous year!

Top 5 Articles on Collectors Hype 2013
1) Spartacus Prop and Wardrobe Auctions Start!
2) Prop Store Set to Auction 2012′s Judge Dredd Props!
3) Prometheus Props Have Landed At The Prop Store!
4) Dexter Props and Wardrobe available from VIP Fan
5) Gingerclown 3D props coming to The Movie Prop Warehouse!

Top 5 “Clicks” outbound links on the site.

  1. Vip Fan Auctions Ebay Page
  2. The Prop Store and Prop Store Ebay Page
  3. Profiles in History
  4. The Movie Prop Warehouse
  5. A Tie:: and Premiere Props
  6. Honorable mention

Top 5 Countries that visited

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Germany

There you have it; that’s all I’m willing to share at the moment. Thank you to everyone who visited, Thank you to those that helped promote my site and Thank you to all the Prop retailer and Auction houses that helped me with content. Here’s to even more successful year in 2014!

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