The Expendables Auction Coming October 20th 2014


October 2014 is set to be a big month as far as prop auctions are concerned and Profiles in History’s Hollywood Auction Event week wraps up with a special auction featuring items from the action movie franchise The Expendables.  The October 20th auction is a partnership between Profiles in History and Nu Image / Millennium Film’s that offer’s up some memorabilia action movie junkie’s are gonna love. The Expendable auction pretty much offers everything from weapons to actual full sized screen used vehicles and set pieces (see images).

There will be additional movies with memorabilia pieces offered up in this auction from The Legend Hercules, Conan the Barbarian (2011), Ninja, Olympus has Fallen and Homefront. In all the Expendables portion of the Auction on October 20th has 252 lots, bidding is available online, by phone and in person.

The full Expendables auction catalog can be found on the Profiles in History website.

From the Expendables catalog:

Some of the highlights from this historic Expendables offering are:

  • Barney Ross’ elaborate tactical costume ensemble with signature combat beret, prop Kimber .45 pistols and belt with brass Skull on Raven buckle.
  •  Iconic “Shock and Awe” heavily modified Land Rover Defender from The Expendables 2.
  •  Barney Ross’ signature custom silver Expendables Skull logo lighter.
  •  A virtual armory of prop assault weapons, including examples used by nearly every Expendables character.
  •  Gunner Jensen’s signature Bowie knife with etched Raven on Skull insignia on handle.
  •  Elaborate tactical costumes from Lee Christmas, Yin Yang, Gunner Jensen, Toll Road, Trench, Doc, Galgo,Luna, Smilee, Thorn and Mars.
  •  Specially-modified “jump” motorcycle ridden by Smilee.
  •  Drummer’s chopper pilot flight suit with headset.
  • Luna’s sexy nightclub “bouncer” dress.
  •  Full-scale Expendables Team process helicopter with detailed instrument pod and controls




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