Collectors Hype 2014 Wrap Up!

Well year 3 of Collectors Hype has come to an end and Year 4 has begun for my little site born in January 2012. This site is dedicated to providing news and information geared towards collectors and hypeclapperboardfans of Movie Props and other Hollywood memorabilia. In all 2014 was a really good growth year reaching over 15,000 visitors in 96 countries around the world. As of today I have had 27,000 total visitors since starting this website in 2012, still small in comparison to the “other” sites. I try to publish as often as possible in my free time and do my best to bring the latest news related to collecting Hollywood memorabilia from retailers, auction houses and others.

I do want to give a special shout out to picollecta for making a couple of outreaches this year to allow this site to publish some fun articles for my readers. I like partnerships and find them mutually beneficial in regards to driving traffic to sites both ways. Speaking of driving traffic to my site I also want to give a shout out to The Movie Prop Warehouse  for posting some articles to their Facebook page and VIP TV and Movie Auctions for re-tweeting articles every now and again.  If there is a site out there looking to do mutually beneficial partnerships I am always open to the possibility, even with the “other” memorabilia opinion/new sites.

In all I just enjoy collecting movie props as well as sharing information with others about the hobby, I do not make money off of this site its all done on my time and I happy with that. So on that note below are some statistics from 2014  thank you for visiting and tell your friends about Collectors Hype!

  • 2014 15,378 visits were made to the site. Total visits since the 2012 is 27,122.
  • There are now a total of 550 posts overall since I launched the site.
  • There was 8,023 more visitors to the site over the previous year!

Top 5 Articles on Collectors Hype 2014

1) Syfy’s Warehouse 13 Props and Wardrobe Auction Coming to VIP Fan Auctions!
2)HBO’s “Rome” Props and Costumes listed by VIP Fan Auctions
3)47 Ronin Props Offered By VIP Fan Auctions On Ebay!
4)Horror Prop Week At The Movie Prop Warehouse Begins October 19th!
5)Interesting Prop Domain Auction Feb 15th!

Top 5 “Clicks” outbound links on the site.

  1. VIP Movie and TV Auctions
  2. The Prop Store
  3. The Movie Prop Warehouse
  4. ScreenUsed
  5. Premiere Props

Honorable mention Nate Sanders

Top 5 Countries that visited.

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. Canada
  5. Italy

Visitors from 96 countries in all visited Collectors Hype in 2014!

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