Vintage Commercial Animation Art Auction


Aside from collecting movie props I also like to collect animation cels, mainly 1980’s cartoons. To make cartoons possible it requires a lot of animationauctblackspparrowvctalented individuals to create them along with months of work. The upcoming animation auction from Blacksparrow Auctions focuses on animation art from vintage cartoon commercials from the 1960’s thru the 1990’s. In 74 lots are set for this unique auction featuring classic characters from Disney, Hanna Barbara, McDonalds and more. The auction is up on icollector auction site and runs now through March 5th 2015. Click on the link below to view all 74 lots in this unique animation auction.

Auction Link:

From Blacksparrow Auctions:

This auction features a collection of vintage commercial animation artwork. Animation has long been animationauctblackspparrowvc1an effective vehicle to deliver marketing and advertising. Some of the most iconic brands — McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Ford — strategically utilized animation to form memorable impressions on viewers. In particular, brands using popular animated characters from Disney, Warner Bros. and Hanna Barbera especially resonate with audiences. While cereal, cookies, and food in general, were areas primed for animated marketing, companies such as Standard Oil, RAID, Gulf Chemicals, Northwestern Mutual and Allstate, for example, employed animated advertising and commercials as a way to present a friendlier image. This collection evokes an appreciation for the art of marketing and a narrative on our commercial history.


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