Theme Park Connection March Madness Auction Coming!


Entering stage right, Theme Park Connection, an Ebay top rated seller is heading to icollector for a no holds barred Movie Prop/Costume and memorabilia auction. Referred to as the “March Madness Auction” Theme Park Connection is making their first effort with this “live” auction of memorabilia. At present Theme Park Connection is known for having regular Ebay style auctions of Disney memorabilia, Theme Park memorabilia, movie props/costumes and more.

So far this looks like a very decent first auction effort with many items that I am very sure collectors will want to own. The March Madness Auction has roughly 199 lots listed at press time with the expectation that new lots will be added daily. The auction is set to take place on Saturday March 28th, 2015 on icollector see the auction link posted below.

Auction Link:

I have listed some of the more notable pieces featured in the auction below.

  • Brandon Ruth; Superman costume from Superman Returns (2006) .Complete with a custom faux ice base.
  • Elysium 2013 Movie Brandon Auret “Drake” Production Used SMG Gun.
  • Gremlins 2 Movie Screen Used Hatchling “Restored” Special Effects Puppet.Themeparkconnection-germlin2
  • Gremlins 2 New Batch Movie Production Used Stop Motion Miniature.
  • Fantastic Four The Thing Production used “possibly” screen used body suit with custom display.
  • 2 Guns Movie Denzel Washington Screen Used Texas Revolver Gun.
  • Nightmare On Elm Street Horror 1984 Movie Original Freddy Prop Stunt Mask.Themeparkconnection-freddymask
  • The Abyss 1989 Sci-Fi Movie Production Used 3-Pc. Space Suit Costume Prop Lot.
  • Elysium 2013 Movie Sharlto Copley Stunt Used Exo-Suit Wardrobe Prop Lot.


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