Profiles In History-Hollywood Prime Listings On Ebay This Week 8/26/15

This week on Ebay Hollywood Prime a division of Profiles in History has some nice pieces of Hollywood memorabilia supernovaPIHofferings. As of August 26th there are around 106 listings total under seller profilesinhistory-hollywoodprime covering a relatively wide range of movies and items worn by well known actor/actress. The listings now active start ending Sunday August 30th so you may want to head on over and check out the listings to see if there is something you may want in your collection.

Some note worthy memorabilia include James Spader “Supernova” Spacesuit helmet and suit jetpack, A giant Bantha head from the original Stargate movie, Bruce Willis Production made POW army uniform from “Harts War”, John Travolta production-used “Chili Palmer” Costume lot from “Be Cool”, Christian Slater Production Sgt. Ox Bazooka Case & Shells from “Windtalkers”, Kevin James production-used Griffin lead zookeeper Costume from Zookeeper.


About Hollywood Prime:

An international full service production asset management company. Hollywood Prime’s services include storage and sales of film and television assets, including costumes, props, set decoration and vehicles. We provide productions and studios with the highest sales returns on their full range of assets, including high-end hero props and wardrobe as well as background and surplus assets. Hollywood Prime is owned by Profiles in History auction house.

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