Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Auction


Blacksparrow Auctions has announced an upcoming auction from the production of “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. girlwwiththedragontattoo2The live auction is set for 10am PDT on September 12th 2015 on the auction site icollector, with pre-bidding open now. The 174 lot auction will feature hero costumes of every principle actor in the movie as well as various props used. Bidding in this auction is stated to start at a low $5 dollars with no reserve on any of the items. The auction collection comes directly from the production studio and will include a certificate of authenticity from Blacksparrow Inc.

Highlights include:

  • Salander’s (Rooney Mara) motorcycle helmet.girlwwiththedragontattoo1
  • Salander’s handwritten Victim’s List.
  • Blomkvist’s (Daniel Craig) blood-stained costume.
  • Blomkvist’s court judgment on the Wennerström case.
  • Martin’s (Stellan Skarsgård) blood-stained final costume.
  • Young Martin’s school blazer, Martin’s golf clubs.
  • Bjurman’s (Yorick van Wageningen) guardianship papers for Salander.
  • Anita’s (Joely Richardson) complete costume.
  • A wide selection of Salander’s jewelry.


About Blacksparrow

Blacksparrow, Inc. is a boutique multi-media company specializing in the pop culture and entertainment markets. We offer print publishing and brand marketing services with a niche and targeted focus. We also consult on private memorabilia collections and offer auction services. In addition, we work with charities as often as we can. For more information, please contact us by phone at (818) 937-9399 or by email at

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