Horror Domain Props and Costume Auction #37


Just in time for Halloween is the upcoming Horror/Prop Domain auction number 37. This month there are 148 lots in this auction featuring a variety of Horror, Sci-fi and fantasy memorabilia odds and ends. Featured in this months auctions are a variety of Spiderman 3 items as well as various props, costumes, production material from The “Chucky” film series, Aliens V. Predator, Land of the Lost (2009), Jurassic Park/World, Darkman, Trueblood and more. Also this month there are some “alleged” production items from the upcoming Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice movie.

The auction is scheduled for Saturday October 17th on icollector.com and the auction is a live bidding auction with commentary by David Brandon owner of Horror Domain and Prop Domain.



Prop/Horror Domain is a seller of primarily props, wardrobe and production items from the horror genre and is run by David Brandon. Bidding on most items in the Prop Domain auctions start at just $1 dollar and sell for as low as 25.00 to several thousand dollars. Horror Domain/Prop Domain is a seller of primarily odds and ends for the horror genre holding frequent monthly auctions.

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