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LOS ANGELES, November 23, 2015 After three groundbreaking seasons and 39 episodes, UNDER THE DOME underthedomeauctionrecently ended its celebrated run on CBS. On November 30, fans of UNDER THE DOME from around the world will have the opportunity to take home a part of the show when leading Hollywood collectibles auction site hosts an exclusive online auction of more than 500 production-used props, wardrobe items, set decorations and other memorabilia from the CBS Television Studios produced series.

UNDER THE DOME auction items are available now for preview at Bidding will begin November 30 and lots begin closing December 7, 2015.

Highlights from the auction include:
  • Chester’s Mill Mapunderthedomeauction2
  • Barbie’s Dog Tag
  • Angie’s Waitress Name Tag
  • Linda and Julia’s Engagement Rings
  • Rebecca’s Notebook
  • Pauline’s Sketchbook and Paintings
  • Christine’s Amethyst and Amethyst Ring
  • Big Jim’s Nameplate
  • Dawn’s Bassinet
  • Angie’s NYC and LA Snow Globes
  • Joe’s Dog Graphic T-Shirt Outfit 
  • Barbie’s and Other License Plates
  • Junior, Barbie, Norrie’s, and More Pilot Outfits
  • Pauline’s Postcards to Lyle
  • Aktaion Energy Mug 
  • The Dome’s Egg and Broken Dome Egg with Base
  • Dome Edge Rubber Asphalt 
  • Ben’s Skateboard and Backpack
Fans can preview the auction online at
Source: Press Release


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