Hollywood Auction Extravaganza XL This Weekend!

It’s time for the Premiere Props and Hollywood Live Auctions “Hollywood Auction Extravaganza XL” on PremierepropsextravaganzaXLpotaDecember 12th 2015. The auction of various Movie props, Costumes, Production material will have a total of 587 lots starts at 11am pst with bidding online, phone or in person.

The Hollywood auction features a special collection of movie props and miniatures from the Academy Award winning 21st Century Creative Studio and New Deal Studios spanning over 20 years of film-making.

This collection includes:

  • End Of Days Demon Creature Light Study Model Maquette from the Stan Winston Studios
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides coal wagon with Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)1:4 scale
  • The engine module from Merchant Vessel Hunter Gratzner Spaceship 1:36 scale from Pitch Black,
  • The signature Embraer miniature airplane from the opening sequence of  Dark Knight Rises
  • An elaborate exterior snow infused church miniature with custom made trees from Deck The Halls
  • The post-apocalyptic Statue Of Liberty from Resident Evil:Extinction
  • The miniature city set complete with movable miniature train and elaborate dome from the Absolute Vodka commercial campaign
  • A fighter spaceship from the famous Backstreet Boys “Larger Than Life” music video
  • Various items from National TreasurePremierepropsextravaganzaXLsamk

The Premiere Props Extravaganza XL auction will also feature a special collection of items from legendary comedian Sam Kinison including his signature infamous charcoal grey two-button “Shang-Hai” overcoat and black beret as seen on the “Larger Than Life” record album cover and also personally worn from this first appearance on Saturday Night Live on December 7, 1985. A rare costume ensemble direct from his estate and the only one ever to be auctioned in the world.

Other notable lots include:

  • Animatronic movie prop dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park franchisePremierepropsextravaganzaXLrocketeer
  • A life-size figure from Planet Of The Apes
  • Props from Star Wars
  • A special collection of life-size movable puppets from the creators of the Muppets
  • The Rocketeer Stunt rocket pack

Online bidding for this auction can be done on any one of the three sites below.




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