Pandemic (2016) Movie Prop and Costume Listings

Our friends over at The Movie Prop Warehouse has just listed a treasure trove of movie props and costumes from the newly released zombie movie “Pandemic”. The movie set in the near future is about members of a rescue team that have to battle bloodthirsty zombies as they search for uninfected survivors in Los Angeles. (see movie trailer below)

The fixed price listings are currently available for purchase on the website of The Movie Prop Warehouse. In all there are 30 items listed ranging from Hero costumes, Light up hazmat helmets and various other props. Prices range from £20.00  up to £499.00 plus shipping from the UK.



About The Movie Prop Warehouse

The Movie Prop Warehouse was founded in 2009 by movie prop collector John Page. A UK company based in North East England, an area rich in film history, with films such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Get Carter, Alien 3, Harry Potter all filmed on our doorstep. The Movie Prop Warehouse is particularly interested in items from any films either filmed or based in the North East of England.

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