ScreenUsed Summer 2016 Auction!


It’s time for some summer fun for collectors of Hollywood memorabilia this July as ScreenUsed is ready to go with their upcoming auctions! The two day timed and live auctions are now open to pre-bidding on the auction site Icollector, see links below.

The timed auction ends on Friday July 15th. Lots 1 through 391 automatically end 1 minute apart. The auction will not allow sniping at the last second. If an item receives a bid within the last 3 minutes, the end time will automatically be extended another 3 minutes. Each item displays the exact time it is scheduled to end, with each lot initially ending 1 minute apart.

The live auction is held on Saturday July 16th. Lots 392 through 606 will start  bidding at 10am Pacific Time. This auction will follow the normal bidding process for a live auction.

Here are some highlights from the auction:
– Alien – Brett’s Nostromo Jacket (Harry Dean Stanton)
– Armageddon – Spacesuit
– Avatar – Trudy Chacon’s Flight Helmet (Michelle Rodriguez)
– Blade Runner – Deckard’s Solid Brass Blaster
– Dark Knight Rises, The – Christopher Nolan’s Production Used Directors Chair
– Darkman – Darkman’s Signature Costume
– Fugitive, The – Production Used Clapper Board
– Ghostbusters II – Miniature Tub Faucet and Drain Plug
– Godfather Part II, The – Vito Corleone’s Live Firing Pistol (Robert De Niro)
– Indiana Jones & Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Indy’s Costume Fitting Fedora
– Jurassic Park – Tyrannosaurs Rex Toe Claw
– Looper – Old Joe’s Outfit (Bruce Willis)
– Lost in Space (TV) – Original Production Used Blueprint with Hand Drawn Set Changes
– Nightmare Before Christmas, The – Large Scale “Christmas Town” Christmas Tree
– Star Trek: The Original Series (TV) – Dr. McCoy Starfleet Pants (DeForest Kelley)
– Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – Rebel Soldier Hoth Goggles
– Terminator 2: Judgment Day – T-800 Effects Head
– Warlock – Warlock’s Coat (Julian Sands)
– X-Men – Storm’s Battle Suit (Halle Berry)

Summer Auction 2016 Slideshow Preview

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About ScreenUsed:
ScreenUsed was founded in 2003 by Desi DosSantos, a computer center automation specialist and Jeff Castillo, a quality, custom home craftsman & fabricator. What began as a hobby for the pair, blossomed into a company now world renown as an industry leader in the field of original Film & Television production memorabilia sales (props, costumes, miniatures, special make-up effects artifacts, production artwork, rare documents, etc.). With a combined 34 years in the business of brokering historic Hollywood artifacts, ScreenUsed offers a wide range of special services to its clients, including research, preservation, exhibition, and to corporate clients specialized marketing, promotion & auction services. The company’s established international network of collectors and entertainment industry sources is highly regarded by the field, museums and the media.

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