The Prop Block is Set to Open for Business!

In just a couple of days a new retailer and auction house The Prop Block will make its debut to the public. The Prop Block will be dealing primarily in original film and television props, costumes and other various production used items. This newest venture into the sale of props and costumes is great news for collectors by providing another option. Below is the press release containing more information that I received from one the the business owner’s Jarrod Hunt.

The Prop Block is a new online-based auction house specializing in original film and television memorabilia, including: screen-used and production-made props, costumes, production material, concept art, crew gifts, and much more. We are primarily a consignment based auction house, and all items offered come from the collections of fans, people working in film production, or possibly from the studios themselves. We are also able to purchase items directly for resale. Our hope is to offer exciting new memorabilia to the fans that has never been on the market before, and to give fans another chance at some elusive item they may have missed out on the first time.

Our website,, will be updated daily with new items for direct sale. There you can sign up for our e-mail newsletter and you will also be able to get information about our plans for live auctions in the future! We also offer custom made displays for your collectibles, such as frames and matting, shadow boxes, or Plexiglas display boxes. Any display can be made to your specifications.

The people behind The Prop Block, Jarrod Hunt and Dean Newbury, have between them, over twelve years of experience in the film auction business working for various other auction houses and dealing in original film memorabilia of all types. All items sold are guaranteed to be authentic! Every piece that comes through our store goes through a rigorous research process verifying provenance. We verify each item, where it was used and what it was used for. We want to make sure that every item that goes out of our doors is exactly what it is described as!

The Prop Block officially launches the morning of Monday May 22nd but you can register via email right now to receive updates at Also check us out on Facebook at to see exciting new material, and get info on contests and much more!


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