Movie Prop Book Volume 2 now on Kickstarter!

Our friend  James Azrael curator/founder of the The Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association (HSPPA) has announced the Kickstarter campaign launch for a follow up Movie Prop Book. The first book titled “The HSPPA: Volume One – The Props Awaken” was a successful venture, I know this because I supported the first campaign and the quality of the first book was outstanding in both presentation and content.

Volume 2 will be titled “The HSPPA: Volume Two – Planet of the Props”. For those that are a fan of movie props to collectors I encourage you to check out and support this Kickstarter. There are many levels of participation available and donations of any size are welcome. The Kickstarter campaign will run until January 23, 2018 allowing time for you to join in. For additional information about the upcoming book visit the links provided in this article.

“From horror, sci-fi, superhero, and fantasy films…this 150-page +/- full-color paperback will bring you closer to these priceless relics than ever before! Featuring hi-resolution photographs of the props, this book will also include the stories behind these props and the personal anecdotes of the people who collect, preserve, and restore each unique piece.” – James Azrael HSPPA

Kickstarter Campaign Link:

HSPPA Facebook Page Link:

The Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association, LLC or HSPPA is a organization that aims to showcase at various venues their museum collection of iconic screen used TV and movie memorabilia. Bringing iconic props, costumes and production items to the public for viewing is a central focus of the HSPPA in addition to preservation.

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