ScreenUsed closes their Business! Interview Included!

It is a sad day in the prop collecting world as I woke up to the news that ScreenUsed movie props and wardrobe has closed their doors. This news is a shock to everyone not much was explained as to why. The below message was left by Desi DosSantos co owner of ScreenUsed on the movie props Facebook forum page.

First starting out 15 years ago in 2003 as a retail site for obtaining television and movie memorabilia. ScreenUsed later made the transition into first live quarterly auction events then to daily auctions and this year opening a retail location. ScreenUsed was a very reputable company due to the owners Desi and Jeff Castillo’s diligence and passion for collecting Hollywood memorabilia.

Visitors to the website will see the message below. They do note that if you have an existing order or consignment you can still log on to the site. I have reached out to them to obtain further comment into the reason for the business decision to close and what future plans they may have.

Either way I do wish Desi and Jeff the best of luck and thank you for the service they provided myself and countless others over the years.

UPDATE: I did hear back from Desi DosSantos on a couple of my questions. I added that below.

While Desi did not want to answer the question of “What lead to the business decision to close” he did say it was “Their decision”.

Collectors Hype –  It may still be too soon but do you see yourself or Jeff doing another venture together or separate along the same lines as ScreenUsed?

Desi –  Have no idea regarding number 2 (question), just planning on spending more time with my 3 grandchildren – it’s been 15 years of major time consumption.

Collectors Hype – You are known for having an amazing collection of movie memorabilia yourself. Are you giving up collecting?

Desi – I’m not giving up collecting – it’s a disease that there is no cure for. 🙂

A special thank you to Desi for taking the time to answer a couple of questions for me. Much appreciated.

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